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JAG Laser Hair Solutions understands the frustration and stress involved with the commitment of attempting to get to an appointment twice a week for 30 minutes. Although your intentions are good, your frequency slacks off over time. Traffic, children, job obligations just does not give you any spare time for you....well it's enough to make ones hair fall out. We came up with a solution. We lease you a home unit for use at no extra fee. For the same price as an in clinic treatment program, you take the laser unit home and use it there. You come into the clinic once a month for your check ups and replenishment of our great product line as needed, all natural, organic JAG HAIRRX. Come on.........STOP PULLING YOUR HAIR OUT. We have the solutions at JAG Laser Hair Solutions.

JAG Laser Hair Solutions has been assisting clients with hair loss issues in Orange county for over 6 years with over 27 years in the industry. We have hundreds of satisfied clients and testimonies to prove it. Our all natural, organic  JAG HAIRRX product line is for healthy hair growth, and to assist in healthy hair maintenance, it is an essential part in restoring healthy hair. We have trained staff to answer all your questions, as well as the owner of the company who is a trained Trichologist, cosmetologist, and a trained instructor. Hair loss treatment at is best. with use of our all natural organic hair loss products in Tustin clinic or home use.the most advanced hair restoration clinic in orange county.


We see each client  as an individual who has a story to share about their hair loss issues and the challenges they have in how they view themselves and how others view them. Our specialized consultation and scalp analysis captures their unique needs and assure results will be captivating, using our Cool Laser Light therapy treatment along with our all natural, organic hair restoration line of products we call JAG HAIRRX whether you are searching for fuller, thicker, healthier hair or wanting to maintain your hair in an all natural, organic fashion or wanting to do Bio-stimulation, we offer you all those alternatives. Low level laser therapy is a safe form of light treatment .

JAG HAIRRX Hair care line

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